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The following listings of classes will be offered mostly in the Folsom a, California. However, I will be on site portrait classes to locations of interest. My hope is to offer these classes in conjunction with the Photo Walks listed on this site. Registration of each class will be by email . Please send me an email indication your interest in either the Adobe Lightroom Class or the Portrait Class.

NOTE: It must be understood that you have some basic understanding of your camera and software to do editing. Although,I can be of assistance with common questions you may have but these sessions are not for individuals that have never worked on a computer or have never used their camera. It will be of great benefit to those who love to take photographs and want to get better and taking portraits.

Contact me:

Adobe Lightroom

I will be hosting Abode Lightroom classes as well. The classes will be small and cost $100.00. The Adobe Lightroom class will be 7 hour class with a one hour break for lunch. Please check the link before for the dates and times for the class.

Meet Up

Portraits Classes

These classes will be hosted in Old Town Folsom and will cost $50.00 per student and will consist of three hours on day one and a review class on day two to review our work.

1. Portrait Class - September 5, 2009

2, Portrait Class - September 26, 2009